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Your First Meeting with Laine-Rahn Wealth Management

First Meeting

First Meeting

The first meeting will start with getting to know each other better.  We will discuss your Family, your Occupation, your Recreational Interests, and then your Money. From there, we will explore your financial goals.  While you may not have set financial goals, it is our job to help you identify your goals and then set a plan to accomplish them. Financial goals include items such as: date you wish to retire, retirement lifestyle, the funding of a child's education or wedding, buying a vacation home, etc.

To help you get the most benefit from our first meeting, the following items would be helpful to review at our meeting:

  • Current investment statements
  • Maturity dates and current yields for all certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Costs basis of all assets
  • In-force life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies
  • Annuity contracts and statements
  • Trust and estate planning documents
  • Debt information
  • Current annual expenditures
  • Tax information (tax rate) or your most recent tax return
  • If working:Current employer sponsored retirement plan statement with your contribution amount and investment options
  • Estimated Social Security Benefits Report
  • Your expected annual expenditures during retirement
  • If Retired: Social Security benefit amount